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Curtain Call (4)

Laura had returned back to her high school once the filming of season one ended. She felt happy being able to see her old friends in a different environment besides the live tapings. Her teachers greeted her warmly and the smile could not drop off of her face.

Of course, Austin & Ally had become very popular so early in the season and Laura got asked questions about it constantly her first day back. Most of those questions concerned Ross. After her first couple days back to school, the brunette began to write down the most common questions and then would tally how many times she got asked that. In her study hall, she grabbed the paper from her bag and placed it on the library table in front of her.

Her eyes scanned the crinkled sheet and she laughed to herself at the questions.
1. Is Ross single? (asked 142 times)
2. Are you dating Ross? (107 times)
3. Can I have Ross and Calum's numbers? (98 times)
4. How old is Raini? (77 times)
5. Do you think you could set me up with Ross/Calum/Raini/all of the above? (136 times)

Laura just sighed as she folded the list up. The list went on, 34 questions in total, and it was past tiring answering the same question over and over again. It was decided, she would record her voice answering the question and then would just play back the answer. It seemed like the easiest solution.

The vibrations from her phone sent Laura searching through her bag. Taking a glance at the caller ID, Laura quickly rushed out of the library and to the bathroom. Once in the safety of a bathroom stall, Laura took her phone out, ending its vibrating rampage.

You're uncle is going to pick you up from school. You have a meeting right after school with your producers and he'll be taking you.
Have a good day!
-Mom xoxo

A sigh emitted from her lips as she read the text message. She loved her job but it was Friday and all that she had on her mind was sleep. She placed her phone back in her bag before leaving the bathroom. The bell rung and the actress made her way to her last period class, hoping against hope that it'd fly by.


If Laura thought her math class couldn't go by any slower than it normally did, she'd be wrong. After what felt like two hours (no way was that a forty minute period), Laura made her way to her locker to collect her belongings for the weekend. She had forgotten how tiring it had been, going to school for eight hours then having a ton of homework everyday. Placing everything she needed (which surprisingly wasn't that much this weekend) into her small red backpack, Laura closed her locker and made her way to the front of school, looking for her uncle's car through the mess of yellow buses.

"Does she seriously not see us?" the familiar voice of her co-star asked from the side. Laura turned to the left and saw a group of young adults standing together, pointing her way. She smiled wide before rushing over to her friends. She embraced the group known to everyone else as R5 though to her, they were family. Ellington laughed as she relinquished her hold on the group.

"I think we're creating a scene," he said, glancing around at the students that gawked at the group as they walked by. He smiled and waved casually to a few students, amused by their reactions.

"What are you guys doing here?" Laura asked, the smile not dropping from her face.

"We talked to your mom and she gave us permission to kidnap you for the rest of the day," Rydel said as she looped her arm with Laura while they made their way to the van.

"No way," the brunette responded, glancing around the group to confirm. "What about my uncle and the meeting?"

"That," Ross said as he appeared by her side. "Was all my brilliant idea. We wanted to surprise you so I asked her to tell you a fake story." Laura rolled her eyes and laughed at Ross's proud smile.

"Let's go to Get Shaved!" Ryland called from the passenger seat as the group entered the van. Laura smiled and ruffled his hair before settling in the back.

"I didn't know you were in on this, Ry. I thought we were friends," she said from her seat in the way back. She placed a fake pout on her face as a joke and Ryland just laughed.

"I still can't believe you're never been to Get Shaved," Rocky spoke with a shake of his head as he sat beside her.

"Hey! I have explanations as to why I've never been!" Laura exclaimed and Riker snickered from the driver's seat. "I'm watching you," she said from the backseat and the warbler hide his snickers from her.

"Now now, let's not hurt Riker," Ross said from in front of Laura. "Well, not until we got our ices." Laura laughed as Riker yelled a quick "Hey!" and Rydel hit her brother in the back of the head.

"Wait..." Riker said, everyone quieting down in case what he said was important. His face portrayed his concentration as he listened closely for something. "This is my song!" he shouted with a smile, rushing to turn up the radio. The rest of the car laughed as Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 began blasting.

The group pulled up to the flavored ice place. Rydel rushed to the counter, ordering her special ice for herself and Laura.

"Should I be scared at all?" Laura as Ellington as they stood behind the enthusiastic blond girl.

"Depends on how you look at the situation," he responded with a shrug.

Laura took out money to pay for her ice but Ratliff and the Lynch's just ignored it.

"We kidnapped you for the day so you don't have to pay for anything," Ross said as he took a big bite of his ice. The group laughed as some of his ice fell onto the ground. "Anyone ready for round two?"


The van pulled up in front of the Lynch residence as the sun was setting. The family had been nice enough to invite both Ratliff and Laura to stay for dinner. They filed out of the van and hurried inside, their appetites ready for the dinner Mark and Stormie had planned. After having spent about an hour at Get Shaved, the group had gone to the beach.

The weather was especially nice and the beach was surprisingly not crowded. They spent nearly two hours just playing games, relaxing, and recording as Riker and Rocky taught Laura their "Love Drunk" dance.

"We're home!" Riker called out as the group entered the house.

"Ross, you need to clean your room after dinner," their mother yelled from the kitchen. Ross winced and sighed.

"Didn't know she was going in there..." Laura laughed and nudged him to get his attention.

"I'm good at organizing so I'll help you," she said with a smile.

"Sweet!" Ross commented, giving his friend a high five.


"This place is-"

"I know," Ross said, cutting off Laura with a laugh as they entered his room. The floor had become covered in shirts, pants, other various items of clothing, and random junk. His bed wasn't made and he had guitar picks thrown around the room, found in the most peculiar of places. His desk was covered in Austin & Ally scripts and papers from his homeschooling.

"I can understand why your mom is mad," Laura responded, laughing as Ross tripped over some drumsticks that were hidden underneath some shirts. "How about we change your sheets first then we can organize everything else," she said, more as a statement than a suggestion.

Ross nodded his head before going over to his iHome. He lazily pressed play on his iTouch and the brunette watched as his face brightened when The Script began playing. He made his way over to his bed and Laura helped him rip off his comforter, throwing it aside before each of them grabbed a side of the sheets. The sheet escaped from Laura's hands and flew up towards the duo, hitting them in the face.

"Thanks Laura," Ross commented sarcastically as he flashed her a smile. She blushed slightly in embarrassment. Ross trudged the blanket and sheets over to his empty hamper while Laura got new sheets and an extra blanket.

"Hey Rocky?" Laura said, stopping as the tall brunette male made his way through the hallway. He stopped and looked at her. "Where are the sheets and extra blankets?"

"Over there," he said with a smile as he pointed to the hall closet a few feet away. The actress thanked him before she made her way over to the closet and instantly groaned as she saw that the objects that she needed were on the top shelf.

"Why-" she began, trying her best to reach the sheets. "Do all the Lynches have to be so-" she jumped. "Freaking-"  she jumped once more. "Tall!" With one last jump, she pulled down the much needed sheet, the blanket she wanted falling over as well, landing on her head. A frustrated sigh escaped her lips before she took the blanket off of her head and turned to return to her best friend's room.

"Having a little trouble?" Ross asked as he leaned against his doorway, holding back a chuckle. Laura rolled her eyes, elbowing him in the side. A satisfied smile erupted on her face when she heard his low groan.

Friends, Lovers, or Nothing by John Mayer began playing once the friends had neatly made the bed.

"I can't believe you have this song!" Laura said with a smile as she began picking up the rather curious objects she found on the floor and gently placed them on the bed.

"Well, you've heard me play John Mayer before on set," he said with a shrug, smelling his shirt before throwing it across the room to the hamper.

"I know that," she said matter of factly, bending down to grab a bunch of clothes before throwing them onto the bed. "I just didn't know you had this song on your iPod."

"Now you know I do," he said with a wide smile. He picked up a few of his favorite hats, placing one on himself before approaching Laura. "Surprise!" he shouted from behind her, placing another of his hats on her head. Laura jumped slightly from the yell before laughing.

"You're a very interesting person," Laura concluded as she looked behind her to see a smiling Ross Lynch who just nodded his head.


Laura sat on the rolling desk chair as she watched Ross sniff each piece of clothing that he retrieved from the small pile that was left on his bed. "Wouldn't it just be easier to claim them all as dirty, which I'm assuming they are considering they were all on your bedroom floor," she said, her tone sounding a bit bored with a touch of dull. She laughed as Ross gave her a look.

"You couldn't tell me that earlier?" he asked, grabbing the small pile in his arms before bringing it to the hamper, overflowing with his dirty laundry.

"Seemed a bit obvious. Maybe it's all that band practice making you tired," she said, offering an excuse for him. Ross laughed before making his way to his friend before spinning the desk chair around. Laura grabbed onto the back on the chair and squealed from the sudden motion. When the spinning slowed, she realized that a live version, probably recorded at a concert, of Take You There had begun playing. "This band is amazing! Except for the youngest guitarist in it," Laura said in a joking tone. She loved R5, especially the youngest guitarist in the band who stood before her.

"Really now? You know," he said, pulling her up from the chair. "I think that show on Disney Channel called Austin & Ally is amazing just because of that hot lead guy who plays Austin." Laura took one of her hands and placed it over her heart.

"Are you trying to tell me something Ross?" she asked dramatically. Ross rolled his eyes and laughed though his friend noticed the light pink tinge his cheeks from embarrassment.

"You know what I meant," he said as he quickly twirled her. Laura laughed at the suddenness of the action, getting the hint that they were going to be crazy and dance, whether she wanted to or not.

They jumped and twisted, they twirled and jumped more, laughing as they danced to the song. Laura ignored the soft balls that hung low from the hat each time they hit her face from her twirling.

As the song ended and transitioned into one that Laura wasn't familiar with, she noticed Ross's vibrating phone on the desk beside his laptop. "I think someone wants you," she said, pointing to the phone. Ross walked over to check the message before laughing. "What?" Laura asked out of pure confusion and curiousity.

"Riker," Ross began as he opened up his laptop. Laura plopped down on the rolling computer chair before sliding it across the now clean floor to beside Ross as he typed away on the computer. "Is having a little bit too much fun," he finished as he moved Laura in front of the laptop and stood behind her. He leaned forward, his arms practically encasing Laura in her spot on the chair as he went to his brother's twitter page. He quickly clicked the links posted on a tweet and up popped two photos.

Laura read the quick description that the blond haired Glee actor put.

"@rikerr5: Laura is a miracle worker; @rossr5's room is clean. Whaaat? #Ohyeahhh"

Laura chocolate eyes moved over to the two pictures. One was of the Lynch family (minus Ross but plus Ellington Ratliff) with their mouths open wide in shock. A laugh escaped her pink lips as she studied each of their faces. Her eyes moved to the second picture, one of Ross's clean room. In the side of the picture, you could see both Ross and Laura laughing as he twirled her.

"Just look at the comments!" Ross said, lifting his arm, almost hitting her in the face during the process, to point at the comments just below the photo.

"What? Ross's room clean?"
"Do I spot Auslly in the side of the picture?"
"Love my #R5Family"

The last of the many comments caught both of their eyes.

"Live chat, Marano?" Ross asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Definitely, Lynch."

Um, wow. Hi! Thank you to my commenters StemiChannyLove & Holly! You guys made me really happy! I hope this chapter doesn't disappoint!

The next chapter will be Ross and Laura doing a live chat. I'm doing that because apparently a tumblr posted the link to my story on there and so I was messaging with the person who owns it as well as looking through their posts and I know them and a couple other people want a "Ross & Laura" live chat so I thought I'd do that.

All tweets you see are sadly fake unless otherwise noted. :(
Though this was slightly inspired by Ross's tweet about his room. Yeah. :)

If you guys have any questions that your want 'Ross' and 'Laura' to answer for the live chat in the story, you can send them to me via comment or message or something.

Have a nice day/night! :)

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Curtain Call (3)

Her foot gently pressed on the gas, the car going just over 20 mph. Ross leaned forward from his back seat and looked at Laura, her concentration on the road. "You can go a little faster you know," he said, ignoring the look her driving instructor gave him. Laura laughed and gently pressed her foot harder on the gas.

"Oh boy, when you start learning to drive I am going to make you suffer," she responded, laughing a bit. Ross just laughed and rolled his eyes, leaning back in the seat. He didn't understand why the instructor wanted him in the car during the lesson but he got Taco Bell out of it so he was fine.

"You're not as bad as you make it seem," the blond commented, referring to their recent interview on KTLA.

"Trust me, Mr. Lynch, this is the best she's driven," the instructor said from the passenger seat as she adjusted her glasses.

"That's because I know Ross isn't some sick-o that'd attack me in a heartbeat," Laura mumbled under her breath. Ross, seeming to have been the only one to have heard it, suddenly burst out laughing. The brown haired beauty giggled in response, making a right into the set parking lot.

"Good lesson, Laura," the instructor said before handing Laura a sheet of things she needed to improve on then walked to his own car.

"Do you need to make a lot of improvements?" asked Ross as they made their way to Riker's awaiting car. The two climbed in the back-seat as Laura silently reviewed her list. Once she read the last thing, she burst out laughing. Ross rose an eyebrow at her and she could only thrust the sheet into his hands, the laughter not stopping.

"What does it say?" Riker asked as he turned down Laura's street.

Ross suppressed a chuckle before he read the last improvement aloud. "You do better with Ross in the car but you need to focus more on the road than silently flirting with your boyfriend."


They had been doing promo interviews for the past week and Laura was exhausted. She trudged onto the lot where Rachael Ray was filmed, slowly making her way to the make-up and dressing room. It was early in the morning and the only thing on her mind was sleep.

If you asked her later that day, she would not have recalled going to hair, make-up, and then waiting in the dressing room. She would not have even recalled saying hello to Rydel and Ryland in the hallway as they filmed everything, like they had been doing all week, trying to get some new shots for the next R5-TV. However, she did remember Ross sitting beside her on the couch and watching the opening monologue for the show. Not even five minutes into watching it, Laura and Ross both fell asleep from exhaustion. Her head lulled to the side, resting on Ross's shoulder. His head find its way on top of Laura's head.

Too soon they were called to get to set. Ross and Laura rushed down the halls, Ross more awake than his brown haired friend, causing him to urge her forward by gently guiding her by holding her forearms. They both were awake and alert by the time that Rachael Ray called them out. Ross and Laura walked out holding hands in a friendly manner, as they were told by the staff. Though Ross has no idea how you could hold someones hand in a friendly manner.

They took their seats at the table after greeting Rachael.

"So, welcome guys!" the cook said with a smile. The two friends just laughed and thanked her, adding that they were happy to be there, the usual. "You both star in Disney's show Austin & Ally, care to tell us what it's about?" Ross looked at Laura expectantly, for he found that she explained the show in the best, most entertaining way possible.

"Well, it's about these two people, Austin and Ally, who are complete opposites yet find themselves in this musical partnership. I play Ally who is this amazing songwriter BUT, uh-oh, she has really bad stage fright. Low and behold, Austin Moon, played by the incredibly talented Ross Lynch, comes and steals one of Ally's songs. At the end of the day, the extremely shy songwriter and the very, very outgoing singer find themselves friends in a musical partnership." Rachael nodded her head, laughing at the perfect points as Laura explained. She moved the front of her cards to the back and continued the interview.

Ross and Laura had become experts at these interviews considering how almost every single one had gone the same. The blond haired boy had suggested they make up a game, seeing who could indirectly get the host to say their word of the day first. They had successfully gotten a few television reporters to say things along the lines of "cheese" and "Redvines". Today's word was wheel.

"Okay," Rachael began, putting her cards down on the table. She looked at the duo with a smile. "So you guys have been promos all week?"

"Oh yeah, I think we've done two," Ross began uncertainly, looking at Laura for confirmation. Once she nodded, he continued. "A day all week."

"And then what do you guys do?"

"Then," Laura said with a laugh, "we go to the studio and rehearse."

"But it's worth it," Ross said, Laura nodding her head in agreement. "We absolutely love our jobs."

"Yeah. We probably have the best jobs in the world. We have the best cast and crew, everyone is amazing and so is everything about the show," Laura finished.

"Now, I know you guys are tired," Rachael said. The duo looked a little confused before the cook put a picture of the two asleep in Laura's dressing room up on the screen. While the audience showed reactions of content and laughed a bit, the pair couldn't stop laughing. "But we just have a few more things that you have to do. Ross, your character Austin Moon loves pancakes so I'm going to keep you two around and we'll be making pancakes very soon!" Rachael Ray said into the camera before turning to the two guests once she was sure that her microphone was off.

"Yay! I love pancakes!" Laura said with a smile.

"I hope you guys are hungry," Rachael said. The two nodded their heads enthusiastically. "You guys will be a team and will be going up against the show's other guest for today Brad Pitt. He's going to be paired up with one of his biggest fans who happens to love cooking. Are you guys okay with this?" she asked, wanting to make sure. The two teens nodded their heads with a smile before they were rushed backstage so Rihanna, the musical guest for the day, could perform. While standing backstage, they made up strategies to help them win the cooking challenge. The two figured they could use as much help as they could get considering how competitive they each were and that they were going against two people who cooked far more than either of them combined, Ross having rarely cooked.

Laura and Ross waited backstage as Rihanna's opening notes began. The two friends danced and sang along to her newest single, not caring how big of fools they must look like. Ross had grabbed her hands and twirled her, their dancing looking less ridiculous than how their similar dance on Austin & Ally looked. After Rihanna's song ended, the two were rushed onto the specially designed kitchen set for the cooking challenges.

The kitchen set looked like it had been split down the middle and placed in front of the mirror. The left side was an exact replica of the right. Each side had a fridge, stocked with the esstentials, and extra ingredients, needed for the challenge. Each side also had an equal amount of counter space, appliances, a stove, and four burners.

Two show assistants helped Ross and Laura get their aprons on and each of them got a chef's hat the looked like it had fallen over and hung down on one side. They got into their marked spots and joked around about how each other looked in the hat.

"Ross, you can rock hats all the time but this one..." Laura began as a joke, laughing a little. She turned her attention to the audience member, Holly, an average twenty eight year old, as she took her spot next to the brown haired actress. "Good luck," she said with a smile, saying the same to Brad Pitt when he turned towards them.

"Make the best team win," Ross said, shaking each one of their hands.

"I admit, I'm a little scared to go against you guys," Brad Pitt began, rubbing his hands together. "My kids might hate me because they love your show." The group laughed and Laura felt a pink blush making its way onto her face as Ross thanked him.

"Ross! Laura!" the group heard, looking towards the front of the audience to see Ross and Laura's family there. Ryland held up the camera, filming them since he had gotten permission from the show. The duo waved at the camera before Rachael appeared, ready to introduce the challenge.

"Welcome back everyone! I've got two teams behind me ready to face off in our pancake challenge. On our left side we have the team of Ross Lynch and Laura Marano, the stars of Disney's hit new show "Austin & Ally"!" she said, introducing the teens. They smiled and cheered with the crowd. "And on the right we have one of the hottests celebs in Hollywood, Brad Pitt, and one very lucky audience member Holly!" The crowd cheered louder for the second team considering how most of the audience were older women who were infatuated with the older man. But Ross and Laura took no offense.

"On today's challenge, the teams will only have their knowledge of cooking and the objects on their side of the kitchen to help them complete a stack of five pancakes in," Rachael began, pausing to let the suspense seep in, "six minutes." The teams exchanged looks of quick panic before they prepared themselves for the challenge. "On your mark! Get set! Go!"

The second Rachael shouted "Go!", Ross and Laura set their plan into motion. Laura made a dash for her ingredients as Ross started up a burner while getting his.

They quickly met up at the bowl and mixed the ingredients together, their special ingredients being chopped up bananas and strawberries. Ross had been assigned the job of mixing it into a batter in the bowl considering how he was stronger. While Ross did that, Laura quickly got two frying pans ready so both herself and Ross could cook at the same time. Two and a half minutes passed and Laura faintly heard the notes of "Forget You" by Cee Lo Green beginning to fade despite it being in the middle of the chorus. Neither Ross nor Laura had even noticed they had been singing along while they cooked.

The sound of "Sexy and I Know It" by LMFAO began echoing around the studio and Laura laughed at the fact that Ross had been dancing to the exact same song not too long ago on KTLA. She watched as Ross poured the batter onto the awaiting frying pans, dancing along to the song. Laura laughed harder as she waited for the the mix to start cooking. They each heard Rachael yelled "Three minutes!" and they looked at each other in panic.

"Hey, you know what, let's just have fun," Ross said to Laura, putting his competitiveness to the side for once. He never really cooked and he was surprised at how much fun he was already having. It wouldn't be as much fun if they only thought of it as a competition. Though no one else heard what Ross said, Laura smiled and nodded. She had been flipping her pancake and it was done. She quickly put it onto a plate before pouring more mix onto the pan.

Ross had also placed a pancake on the plate and added batter to his empty frying pan. As Laura placed her second pancake on the plate (making their total three) and prepared to make the fifth pancake, she accidentally hit Ross in the side with her elbow.

"I am so sorry!" she said quickly, momentarily forgetting her pancake until Rachael yelled that there was two minutes left. Ross just laughed, placed his pancake on the plate (their total four) and bumped into Laura's hip with his own. The brown eyed girl just laughed and bumped him back. She flipped the last banana and strawberry pancake before placing it on their plate, finishing with thirty seconds left. Ross quickly rumaged through the fridge and pulled out a can of whipped cream, drawing a smiley face on the top.

"And time!" Rachael called, causing the two teams to stop what they were doing and look in her direction. And deliberating, happy that both teams had five pancakes, she called a tie. "It's a tie! You guys did amazing!" she announced, throwing her arms over the shoulders of Holly and Laura. Once she took her arms off to say goodbye to the camera, Ross hugged Laura in excitement.

As the crew began cleaning up the kitchen, and Ross and Laura had said goodbye to Brad Pitt and Holly, they waited on the set, eating their pancakes.

"There is not enough whipped cream," Ross said, drowning his pancakes in the fluffy white substance. Laura laughed and used her fork to take have of the whipped cream.

"Yum!" she said with a smile.

All Ryland could do as they approached the duo was shut off his camera with a smile. Rydel and himself had some perfect shots to edit for the new R5-TV episode.


Obviously I don't own anything above except the plot. This is just for fun after someone asked me to write a Ross and Laura story. I hope everyone is enjoying it so far! :)

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Curtain Call (2)

The pressure was building around them all. The game was tied at the moment and there was only three goals left until the winner is to be named. Laura looked next her, Rocky and Ross sending each other looks before giving her and Calum one. Their football team had the ball, therefore the upper-hand. Ross yelled "Hike!" and Rocky passed the ball back to the blond singer. Riker, Rydel, Ryland, and Ellington came in for the attack while Vanessa and Raini cheered from the sidelines.

The empty lot beside Austin & Ally was a common place for the cast, crew, and family members of the show to hang around and play games during breaks. It had only been dirt when the show had first been in production but after promising to clean it up, and keep it clean, the actors of the show got permission from the studio to turn it into their own little play area. The grass that now stood there made it much more comfortable when it came to football.

Laura bolted out of formation and down the field towards the designated touchdown areas. Laura turned her head, maintaining her running speed, and jumped to catch the ball Ross threw to her. With ease she caught it and ran about five feet before being taken down by Ryland.

"Not fair," Laura mumbled as Rocky helped her up. "Ryland plays football." Ryland and Rocky chuckled in response and Laura couldn't keep her act up much longer, laughing with them.

"Sorry Laur, it's fair game," the younger boy responded with a smile before dashing off to the rest of his team. Laura and Rocky made their way towards Ross and Calum.


Laura glanced at her team-mates, each and every one of them sweating. They were once more tied with Riker's team and the next goal won. She moved herself backwards to stand on the left side but behind Ross. He was handing it off to her.

"Hike!" she heard Ross yell and her attention immediately went to football that was held out for her. She grabbed the ball from Ross's hands and ran to the right before going straight. Rydel had come out of nowhere, getting ready for a tackle. Laura braced herself slightly but kept running.She pushed her legs harder and harder, striving for the two cones that represented the end zone. As Rydel got close enough for a tackle, Laura crossed the goal line. She cheered as she dropped the football. They won! They finally beat Riker's team!

She squealed in surprise as she felt strong arms wrap around her waist from behind and pick her up. She laughed as she looked behind her to see Ross, excited and sweaty, gently putting her back on the ground.

"We beat Riker!" he yelled before hugging her tightly. His arms wound around her waist as she wrapped hers around his neck. The ends of his blond hair were dripping from the sweat on his neck but Laura could care less in that moment for they had finally beaten the champion. She laughed more as Rocky and Calum rushed over and hugged them, pressing her harder against Ross. She could feel his toned body against her tiny frame and felt his arms hold her tighter.

"Oh no, looks like Laura can't breathe," Calum yelled and the three boys relinquished their hold on the brown haired girl. Their laughter only rose. It was a good day for the team.


A sigh escaped her cherry colored lips as she read the letter again. Laura loved her fans, she would be nowhere without them, but she gets tired of being asked the same question over and over and over again: Are you dating Ross?

Laura had organized her letters in her dressing room. Running out of piles on her chairs and desk, Laura sat on the floor and placed beside her the letters that asked that very question. The pile beside her grew into the pile around her which grew into the letters that covered her floor. She bit her lip, eyes scanning the room as she tried to figure out where to begin.

"Hey-" Calum had began as he walked into Laura's dressing room. He stopped mid-sentence as his eyes landed upon the mess of letters. "What happened in here?" he asked, treading carefully through the room.

"Letter organization," she responded sheepishly.

Calum just smiled at his friend. "What's all these letters?" he asked, pointing to the letters surrounding the actress on the floor.

"These are," she began, moving her arms over the area to show just how much was included in this section, causing the letter in her hand to shake. "All the letters asking me if I'm dating Ross which is a no." She sighed as she realized just how many she'd be writing the same thing on. Maybe she should just get a stamp made of the statement, "No, I am not dating Ross." It'd probably come in handy.

"Stay right there," Calum said as he journeyed back to her door. He took out his phone as he stood in the doorway, figuring the perfect positioning for the phone. Laura looked up at him, a letter in each hand now, and quickly heard the snapping noise of a photo being taken. She watched from her spot on the floor as he tapped on his phone screen while he moved towards Laura. "Well, no need to worry about that anymore," he said simply before showing her his phone.

Laura instantly saw that he was on his twitter account. He had uploaded a new photo and it was of her, sitting on the floor with letters surrounding her. Her eyes roamed over the caption, a laugh and smile escaping her lips.

Laura's really feeling the love and support from everyone! But not from @rossr5. They're not dating, guys! :)

"Haha, thank you Calum!" Laura said, patting her friend on the back. As Calum left her with her letters, Laura thought about the tweet. There was not a doubt a in her mind that Ross would respond with something along the lines of  "No, we're not dating. But I love and support her as a friend!" She was sure that he would add some other comment to it though she didn't want to speculate what it would be. She was very content just knowing that her friends were truly her friends and that they had her back.

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Curtain Call (1)

Well, I really don't know what this is. I got asked to write a Ross&Laura story so I made a blot for it I guess. Enjoy! Oh, I don't own: Austin & Ally, Ross Lynch, Laura Marano or anyone else mentioned!

Rocky loved to support his little brother. Well, he loved to support anyone he cared about but there was something about being in the audience during the live taping of Austin & Ally. The energy that the fans had was amazing and he'd find himself on a high, like what it felt like at a concert though nothing could really compare to that. He watched as the director talked to Ross and Laura about a quick change to the scene they were about to film. The audience around himself and his family were were musing quietly between themselves about their thoughts on the episode so far. And from what he could hear, they very much approve of it.

"QUIET ON SET!" he had a production hand yell before the following scene began.


Laura took a deep breath, just as her character 'Ally's had to do. "What did you do now?" she asked Raini. Raini's face held a paniced expression as her character 'Trish' had just done something bad concerning her job.

"I may or may not have lost some animals," she spoke, rushing towards the end. Laura jumped up on the counter, frantically looking around. Just then, Ross entered through the doors of Sonic Boom, Calum following behind him.

"Ally, what are you doing up there?" Ross asked as he approached Laura.

"Trish lost animals... again!" Laura answered, in character, as she pointed to Raini in a frantic panic. "Why did you go and apply at another pet store?" she questioned her, uncertain as to why her best friend in real life as well as on the show, would do something so stupid.

"Well, I really needed the money and animals are so cute and cuddly and-"

"Snake!" Calum yelled, accidentally pulling on his trademark Dez suspenders. Laura shrieked as had been indicated on her script. She was crouched on the counter as was the stage direction, and had jumped, as much as she could while staying crouched, and moved towards the edge of the counter.

"I didn't know I lost a snake again," Raini said in a pensive voice. She shrugged and said casually, "I really need to find the alligator-"

"Found it," Ross said, as he pointed behind Laura and gulped loudly for dramatic effect. The rest of the group turned around to look at the alligator just as it opened its jaws at them. The group screamed and Laura had "fainted".

It had originally been in the script, Ally fainting, Austin catching her, insert cliche here, etc. But the writers had taken it out due to Laura's hesitation during rehearsal. She would have to fake a faint, which wasn't the hard part for her. The hard part was that she had to let herself fall freely off of the edge of the counter, allowing Ross to catch her. Her hesitation to fall and automatic "prepare to hit the ground" response had caused the writers to take it out. It wasn't that Laura didn't trust Ross, because she trusted him more than she even knew herself, but it was her body's natural reaction. But right before the taping of this scene, the writers decided to put it back in though Laura would never know why. So she 'fainted' and relaxed her body as much as she could as she fell over. She felt herself crash into familiar muscular body of her close friend Ross Lynch. She kept her eyes shut and her body still yet relaxed at the same time.

The feeling of Ross' strong arms craddling her frame gave her a comforting feeling. She let herself listen to the rest of the scene, the alligator and snake causing hijinks before each character left the store, Ross in a very comical run with herself still in his arms. The second Laura heard the director yell cut, she opened her eyes and laughed. Her cast-mates had soon joined in with her while Ross gently put her down, her hands lingering on his body for a few extra seconds. She immediately missed his warmth like she always found herself doing. Especially lately.

After the show, the cast took photos with the audience members and casually chatted with them. Every time someone asked Laura a question about the cast, she felt her eyes drift to Ross first. Maybe she was going crazy but she could havd sworn she felt his eyes on her too. Laura soon found herself in the warm and welcoming embrace of the Lynch family, plus a certain Ellington Ratliff. But all that was on her mind was the annual Live Taping Friday Night Dinners, her new favorite thing.